Docker network create command syntax

  docker network create --help

view current networks

  docker network ls

Create a new overlay network, with all default options

  docker network create -d overlay defaults-over

Create a new overlay network with specific IP settings

  docker network create -d overlay \
--subnet= \
--ip-range= \
--gateway= \

view current networks again

  docker network ls

Initial validation

  docker network inspect specifics-over --format '{{json .IPAM.Config}}' | jq


Create service tester1

  docker service create --detach --replicas 3 --name tester1 \
--network specifics-over alpine tail -f /dev/null

Create service tester2

  docker service create --detach --replicas 3 --name tester2 \
--network specifics-over alpine tail -f /dev/null

get the container names

  docker container ls

From a container in the tester1 service ping the tester2 service by name

  docker container exec -it tester1.3.<GET THE NAME> ping -c 3 tester2

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