running docker run alpine command would download the Alpine Linux image from Docker Hub and start a new container based on that image. You can then use the container to run commands or applications. When you exit the container, it will stop running.

Alpine Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution that is commonly used in Docker containers due to its small size and security features.

  dockerworkshop git:(main) ✗ docker pull alpine:3.6 
docker pull alpine:3.7
docker pull alpine:3.8
docker pull alpine:3.9
3.6: Pulling from library/alpine
e8f81692e76c: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:66790a2b79e1ea3e1dabac43990c54aca5d1ddf268d9a5a0285e4167c8b24475
Status: Downloaded newer image for alpine:3.6
3.7: Pulling from library/alpine
40223db5366f: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:8421d9a84432575381bfabd248f1eb56f3aa21d9d7cd2511583c68c9b7511d10
Status: Downloaded newer image for alpine:3.7
3.8: Pulling from library/alpine
788aef77d06b: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:2bb501e6173d9d006e56de5bce2720eb06396803300fe1687b58a7ff32bf4c14
Status: Downloaded newer image for alpine:3.8
3.9: Pulling from library/alpine
941f399634ec: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:414e0518bb9228d35e4cd5165567fb91d26c6a214e9c95899e1e056fcd349011
Status: Downloaded newer image for alpine:3.9

docker images filtering

The docker images command allows you to filter Docker images based on various criteria using the –filter option. Here are some common filters that you can use with the docker images command:

  docker images --filter=reference='alpine'
alpine       3.9       9afdd4a290bf   2 years ago   5.3MB
alpine       3.8       b22edbe95d11   3 years ago   4.2MB
alpine       3.7       bd812700d284   3 years ago   4.01MB
alpine       3.6       25e814211fdd   3 years ago   3.84MB

Filters images that are or are not “dangling,” meaning they are not tagged and not referenced by any container.

  docker images --filter dangling=false 

Or to list images created before a specific image, you can run:

  docker images --filter before=alpine:3.8 

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