Docker Scan Support actions for docker registory scanning , image analysis and image meta information exaction to look for password , URL/ IP etc in the envirmonment variavle and any kind of sudo call by user

  1. create a directory for this
  $ sudo mkdir dockersec-2 
$ cd dockersec-2 

check pyhon version which mustt be greater then 3.5 and must have pip installed

  $ python3 --version
  $ sudo apt install python3-pip
$ which pip3

Install Dockerscan with pip3 

$ sudo /user/bin/pip3 install dockerscan

pull the ngnix docker image from dockerhub 

$ sudo docker pull ngnix

 save the docker image using docker save 

$ sudo docker save ngnix -o ng-orig $ ls

scan the image 

sudo dockerscan image info ng-orig

as we can see the information reveals the CMD runs , ENV variable , exposed ports etc 

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