2.Container vs. Virtualization

The introduction to this course.

A Shift from Monolithic to Microservice Architecture


Application have changed dramarically

  • A Decade Ago ( and still valid )
    • Apps were monolithic
    • Built on single stack such as .NET or Java
    • Long Lived
    • Deployed to a single server

Benefits of monolith - Simple to Develop , Test , Deplot & Scale

  • simple to develope because of all the tools and IDEs aupport to that kind of application by default
  • easy to deploy because all coponets are packed into one bundle
  • Easy to scale the whole application

Disadvantages of monolith

  • Very difficult to maintain
  • One Component failure will cause the whole system to fail
  • Very difficult to understand and create the patches for monolithic applications
  • Take a long time to startup because all the components need to get started



  • Apps are constantly developed
  • Build from losely coupled components
  • New version are deployed often
  • Deployed to a multitude of server

shipping code is damm too hard

an efforts to solve complet problem

every possible good to ship X every possible way to ship

Enter … Internodal container

Thats what Docker all about

Comparing Docker vs VM

Virtual MachineDocker
each VM runs its own osContainer is just a user space of OS
Boot up time os in minutesContainers instantiate in seconds
VMs snapshots are used sparinglyImages are built incrementaly on top of another layers . lot of images /snapshots
Not effective diffs . No versiob controlledImages can be version controlled docker hub is like GITHUB
Cannot run more than couple of VMs on an aveage laptopCan run many docker containers in a laptop
Only one VM can be stated from one set of VMX and VMDK fileMultiple Docker Containers can be started from one Docker images

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