The Ultimate Container Security Workshop Track

Hands on Labs

Table of Content

1.What is container?lab
2.Container vs. Virtualizationlab
3.Container Advantage and Disadvantageslab
7.Docker architecture and its componentslab
8.Interacting with container ecosystemlab
9.Attack surface of the container ecosystemlab
10.Environment variableslab
11.Docker volumeslab
12.Docker Networkinglab
13.Auditing Docker Securitylab
14.Container Image Securitylab
15.DockerFile Security Best Practiceslab
16.SecretScanner - Finding secrets and passwords in container images and file systemslab
17.YaraHunter - Malware Scanner for Container Imageslab
18.Security Linting of Dockerfileslab
19.Static Analysis of container images/library for containerlab
20.Docker host security configurationslab
21.Docker Daemon security configurationslab
22.Content Trust and Integrity checkslab
23.Docker Registry security configurationslab
24. DockerScanlab
26.Scanning Docker for vulnerabilities with ThraetMappeperlab
27.Docker eventslab
28.Sock Shop Docker Compose & Weavelab

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